Working together with several Associations, Builders’ Exchanges and Planrooms, we put our planroom on your computer – 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week!

View, download and print job documents using your Internet connection. Our job database will provide you exclusive access to all plans, specifications, addendum and job specific information so your bid is accurate and on time to the updated list of bidders.  The Online Plan Service provides a simple and effective interface that any user can understand and use immediately the first go around. Every user has their own “desk” in the Online Plan Service so that they can save their projects in one place. The “My desk” area is updated automatically and can only be changed by that user; hence your own private work space within the planroom to organize your bids.

We also offer pay per projects for those subscriptions in the network that the user doesn’t have full access to. The ability to purchase just that project is now at your fingertips. With the extensive network offered by the Online Plan Service every user has an advantage in the bidding ring with the information and verification to get more work; saving more time and money with every bid. Now the projects can be accessed anytime when you have time.

The Online Plan Service has a secure planroom solution where plans, specs and addenda from the Planroom will be scanned and put in a custom password protected Online Planroom for your use. This feature is used for “private” or negotiated work so that individual bid invites can be sent out to pre-selected contractors for this type of project.

All you need is a computer and internet access. Each user will need to obtain a user name and password by contacting the Exchange or Association which can be done by phone or email.

Below are the minimum system requirements:
  • Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 15” Monitor
  • 32 MB RAM
  • Internet Explorer
  • Windows 2000 or XP
  • Internet access

Using On-Screen Takeoff  and the Online Plan Service you can now generate takeoffs directly from your PC screen. You can skip the costly blue prints and go ‘paperless’. You can see your blue prints directly on your computer screen and use your mouse to quantify lengths, areas, volumes and counts. On-Screen Takeoff  is FREE and can be easily downloaded from the Online Plan Room!

Still need paper prints? HP Instant Printing enables you to print multiple plans from the Online Plan Service directly in your job trailer or office.

To obtain a subscription, contact your Association, Builders’ Exchange or Planroom.